SJD Q&I Bathroom Renovations
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    The New Look

    More than just a fresh coat of paint. New cabinets, fixtures and a modern vanity will make remarkable and noticeable improvements

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    Shower & Toilet

    Damaged and missing tiling is replaced, and a new, modern walk in shower. It's safer, and more spacious. Replacing the old inefficient toilet with new low flow saves space, water and money

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    Finishing Touches

    A fresh coat of paint, the towel racks and of course new floor tile expertly placed by Scott J. D'Antonio

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We know it's the bathroom, but it should still be nice. Take a walk into your bathroom, and try to be objective. It needs more than paint, doesn't it?

Your bathroom innovation should follow Scott's Q&I Principle -- "Bathroom renovations should be Quick & Inexpensive."

If your toilet or sink is more than ten years old, it is time to look, at new fixtures. Maybe your vanity mirror is cracked, or the cabinets are water damaged and slightly warped. Improvements are an email away!

Just contact us for a quote. You would be surprised at how affordable a new bathroom can be. Not only will it be your home's next big selling point, it will give you a more enjoyable place to relax in the tub or "catch up with your reading."

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