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Watch the local news Highlight Scott's "Day of Service"

SNJ Today Hotline with Scott D'Antonio


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Visit YouTube to see Scott's latest video in 360 degrees. You should visit with a browser that supports 360 degrees, the YouTube phone App (iOS or Android) or a virtual reality headset.

Scott discusses being selected one of South Jersey's "Men of the Year" and offers some great designing and upgrade tips for your home.

The Today Show is known for its outstanding quality, so when they wanted to surprise a precocious child with a bedroom makeover, they contacted Scott J. D'Antonio.
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DIY Home Improvement Projects

The Transformative Power of Color

Meet Scott, and learn about the services provided by Scott J. D'Antonio.

Scott J. D'Antonio reviews a recent project. Scott discusses his approach to customer satisfaction, and sheds some humorous insight on the perils of being a contractor.

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